I can’t read Chinese!


Hello, welcome to the Coffee House & MidHeart offical blog.

About MidHeart:

It’s a competitive legaue located in China, which focus on 6v6 mainly. It has the steam group. Click Here

About Coffee House:

It is a Community Server Group, which without the Competitive sense. Although both organizations belong to me, they are actually two independent organizations. It doesn’t have a steam group yet. But we use QQ group chat instead.

For more info about our servers check Server Info

Got banned? Check our Sourcebans site

Server rules in MidHeart Competitive Server:

  1. No abusive abuse of others
  2. No offclassing for a long time
  3. No spamming
  4. No advertisement
  5. No hacking/cheating
  6. Respect the admins
  7. Don’t do anything stupid, follow the captains
  8. Be kind and have fun~

Need stv demos for pug/scrim? Check Demos Directory